By John Morreall

50 nice Myths approximately Religions is an interesting, informative, and sometimes funny creation to a couple of the lengthy status myths that encompass spiritual trust. This attractive publication gets its readers pondering how and why sure myths have arisen, and their carrying on with effect on our own and collective view of religion.
Offers a full of life, informative, and thought-provoking  creation to a few of the typical misbeliefs surrounding religions

  • Discusses myths approximately spiritual trust quite often, in addition to particular principles that encompass Judaism, Christianity, Islam, atheism, and agnosticism
  • Covers a variety of myths, from historic legends akin to the Bible forbidding red meat being eaten since it explanations disorder, to fashionable city fables, similar to Barack Obama being a Muslim
  • Unpacks each one fantasy in flip, explaining why it arose, how it...

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    Modern myths are often called “urban myths” or “urban legends,” and people have created whole web sites to scrutinize them. ” The American television show MythBusters (Discovery Channel) tests urban myths like the claims that being painted with gold or being hit by a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building can be deadly. Many urban legends are about religion, such as the story about geologists drilling in Siberia who accidentally punched through to hell, or the one about the “Second Coming Project” that is trying to clone Jesus from the DNA of relics, or the claim that some airlines refuse to pair a Christian pilot with a Christian co-pilot because the Rapture might snatch away both of them, leaving the plane to crash.

    In fact, until the twentieth century, people seeking government jobs in China had to pass an exam on Confucian principles. Like the Buddha, Confucius did not teach about otherworldly things such as gods, souls, or afterlife. Instead, he systematized ancient Chinese ideas about social relations and government, all of which were considered to be part of the great cosmic system. The teachings of Confucius focus on practical ways to achieve balance and live in harmony with the universe. Again, this involves all aspects of life, including work, education, the arts, and governing.

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