By Robert T. Henderson

Latest pastors are in concern, with breakdowns, abuse, confusion, and divorces achieving epidemic proportions. Robert T. Henderson continues that there's a realm of non secular forces which pulls congregations towards demise. His answer is to energise pastors with a biblical figuring out of the church's redemptive participation in Jesus' victory over the cosmic powers. They develop into "a door of hope.".

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It networks with similar large urban congregations in other denominations. Debbie's congregation is loyal to the denomination and its program. It responds to denominational agendas, its members serve on denominational committees, and it primarily looks to the denomination for its resources. Yet it sometimes questions the integrity and fruitfulness of the resources supplied. Andy's is the conservative evangelical congregation. Though denominational, its resources come from evangelically oriented presses and parachurch agencies.

Why are the mandates of the Great King so rarely on our minds? Why have we created a church that lacks repentance, true faith, and kingdom integrity? Why have we fashioned, unintentionally and unobserved, a pastoral office that leads this community, unaware that it is betraying its calling? This seems too cynical, too unlikely to be taken seriously. But let a pastor begin, ever so gently and lovingly, to call forth kingdom reality and kingdom obedience in one of these congregations, and all hell breaks loose.

There are personalities who resist the Spirit and play by a different set of rules. There is the spirit of this disobedient age (Eph. 2:12) that contemporary scholars might call "the dominant social order" or the "plausibility structures" which Page 35 determine the acceptable codes of thinking and behaving. There are those zeitgeists, those faddish spirits of the day that for a time dominate church and culture. All four of us had been reading contemporary studies of the church adopting dominant cultural models of thinking and living.

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