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Desk OF CONTENTS"The method of the BirdsTearing Down, Breaking UpDon't WobbleSuch a MoonA Very harmful PlaceIn This Rackety TownFences, partitions and damaged Tile+ extra

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Those essays lay the basis for a tradition of philosophical inquiry enough to polytheistic or "Pagan" non secular traditions, together with specifically the non-reductive hermeneutics of fable and the speculation of the polycentric divine manifold. contains the formerly released articles "The Theological Interpretation of Myth", "Offering to the Gods: A Neoplatonic Perspective", "Polycentric Polytheism and the Philosophy of Religion", in addition to the formerly unpublished "Neoplatonism and Polytheism" and "A Theological Exegesis of the Iliad, publication One".

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Mana encapsulates the primitive belief in a powerful, invisible, all-pervading force at work in the universe. The primitive influence on modern consciousness is obvious: today, many people still believe in invisible powers that affect their lives. In fact, our entire scientific, industrial, and commercial way of life. depends on our belief in electrons, that is, in invisible powers. Mana also encompasses the ancient belief in one total, universal Energy, for primitive people felt little necessity to give consistent answers regarding the number of manas.

But if, on the one hand, we are forced to submit to the unknown "powers that be," we become, on the other hand, significant by the growing realization that we are unique pieces of the universal picture of life. In short, human life seems to have a complexity beyond our powers of comprehension. Historically, religion is one of the institutions men and women have perpetuated in an attempt to work out the meaning of existence. Thus religion is both a catalyst to understanding basic elements of our make-up and a philosophic border within which we have sought to give at least a semblance of order to these elements.

Religion. In his easygoing, colloquial manner of expressing thoughts which, when written more eloquently and with a more sophisticated style might be considered profundities, Jess Lair shares this point about religion and people: To me, religion is epitomized by a statement which I think was made by Tillich, the Protestant theologian. In any situa- Page 23 tion, the moral response is that response which is most loving in that situation. Tillich is talking about response because he doesn't care about thinking, he's only concerned about your doing what your hand turns to.

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