By Guy F. Webster, Anthony V. Rawlings

Addressing the most regularly encountered stipulations visible by way of the dermatologist, this resource analyzes the pathophysiology, assessment, analysis, medical positive aspects, and regulate of pimples. With full-color illustrations, this resource delves into the on hand treatments for tricky instances of zits and scarring and gives professional discussions of administration regimens together with topical and systemic remedies, laser remedies, and new medicines.

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The major form of dienoic acid was identified as 18:2 D5:8 and named sebaleic acid. This is presumably synthesized by action of the D6 desaturase on palmitic acid (16:0) to produce 16:1 D6, which then undergoes further desaturation at the 5,6 position following chain elongation to 18 carbons (83). Sebaleic acid is thought to be a major component of sebaceous membrane phospholipids and this may explain the increased levels associated with increased rates of sebum excretion and acne. Another important dienoic acid of sebum is linoleic acid (18:2 D9,12), and the levels are inversely related to sebum excretion, with lower levels being found in subjects with high sebum excretion rates (84).

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