By David R. Mets

In gentle of the age-old trust of Confucius that no notion is new, Dr. Mets examines the position of Colonel Warden within the Gulf conflict to figure out if a revolution in army affairs had happened. He will depend on a number of twentieth-century antecedents to Warden, together with Giulio Douhet, Hugh Trenchard, and Billy Mitchell to distill a trend. Mets additionally addresses even if ''the argument that antedated the Gulf conflict to the influence that such conflicts among states utilizing traditional guns and strategies are a urgent phenomenon.'' bankruptcy 6, the concluding bankruptcy, presents an summary of Mets's dialogue.

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From the beginning, Mitchell saw a place for independent missions for air forces well beyond the battlefield. But in his mind they took on an ever-increasing higher priority as time wore on—with a relativ e diminishment of the role of the ground army. Increasingly, he argued that enemy armies and navies had never been the ultimate objectives; the final goal always had been to change the will of the enemy, and through airpower this finally could be done without defeating his surface forces. 20 Force Structure At first, Mitchell advocated a preponderance of pursuit, but then increasingly emphasized the need for more bomber units.

Battleships under way were much harder to kill with bombers, especially level bombers, than the Ostfriesland had been. Later there were some additional tests, some against a more modern hull and others against moving targets. However, the damage was already done; the image of battleship vulnerabili ty had been firmly planted in the public consciousness. To the uninitiated, Pearl Harbor seemed to justify Mitchell, and the 48 WILLIAM MITCHELL Marshal of the RAF, Lord Hugh Trenchard (left) (1873–1956), and Air Vice Marshal Arthur Tedder (1890–1967) in North Africa during World War II, long after Trenchard had retired.

The secondary employment of Aeronautics pertains to their use as an auxiliary to troops on the ground for enhancing their effect against the hostile troops. Pursuit Aviation . . is the kind designed to take and hold the offensive in the air against all hostile aircraft, and it is with this branch of Aviation that air supremacy is sought and obtained. 14 Mitchell disclaimed the effectiveness of AAA. 16 36 WILLIAM MITCHELL Air Exploitation According to General Mitchell, once air superiority was established, it could be exploited at will in all sorts of operations against vital centers.

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