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What is so "Great" approximately Alexander? examine this notorious chief and discover.

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Just 32 – Opportunities and Risks as a Teenager (340s to 338 BC) – as drunk as Attalus and just as angry as Alexander, the king promptly tripped and fell to the floor, sprawling in front of the horrified guests. ” In the aftermath of this catastrophe, Alexander took his mother and left Macedonia. She stayed in her native land with her brother, Alexander I, the king of Epirus. Alexander, however, moved northward to Illyria. This was shocking. Philip had to wonder what his son was doing, taking refuge with Macedonia’s bitterest enemies.

To the west of the now pacified Thracians was Macedonia’s most relentless enemy, the Illyrians. Alexander marched against them next. A coalition force of barbarians caught his army in a valley where it appeared the Macedonians had no escape from a deadly crossfire. Caught between two forces, Alexander relied on what he had learned about the Illyrians while in self-exile among them not long before and devised a plan that relied both 45 – Alexander the Great – on an understanding of his enemy’s psychology and on his ability to improvise new ways of fighting never tried before.

His experience as a commander makes him the only surviving ancient source on Alexander with direct knowledge of how an army operated. In his introduction to his account of Alexander’s expedition (The Anabasis = The March Up Country), Arrian reveals that he sees himself as competing with the others who had written about Alexander. He criticizes others’ works as sometimes contradictory and explains that he has relied on the (now lost) histories of Ptolemy and Aristobulus. Arrian was immersed in Greek philosophy, especially Stoicism, and wrote a work recording the ideas of the famous Stoic teacher, Epictetus.

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