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In nearer, Susan Kozel attracts on concert perform, electronic applied sciences, and the philosophical strategy of phenomenology. expert in dance and philosophy, Kozel areas the human physique on the middle of explorations of interactive interfaces, responsive structures, and affective computing, asking what should be stumbled on as we turn into toward our computers—as they turn into extensions of our methods of pondering, relocating, and touching.

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During this targeted and certain examine questions surrounding the act of sacrifice, Dennis King Keenan discusses either the function and the that means of sacrifice in our lives. construction on contemporary philosophical discussions at the reward and transcendence, Keenan covers new flooring with this exploration of the non secular, mental, and moral matters that sacrifice involves.

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Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault are of crucial and influential thinkers of the 20 th century. each one has spawned volumes of secondary literature and sparked fierce, polarizing debates, relatively concerning the dating among philosophy and politics. And but, so far there exists nearly no paintings that offers a scientific and entire engagement of the 2 when it comes to each other.

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Pierre Bourdieu's thought of perform is broadly considered as one of the so much leading edge and illuminating end result of modern social inspiration. As proof mounts that the "spatial flip" within the social sciences and arts is not any mere theoretical fad, yet relatively a permanent paradigm of social and cultural study, Bourdieu's prestige as a profoundly spatial philosopher takes on a renewed significance.

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Although we refer to a doctor in the profession of medicine or an auditor in the profession of accounting, the individuals involved may have more in common with each other than with the assumed “average” practitioner of their profession. Both may, for example, share a fervent interest in using their professional skills in the advancement of human rights. Nevertheless, the professional body to which the practitioner belongs is worth examining, as it arguably shapes the individual’s identity, learning and practice in powerful ways.

Proponents of this perspective vary in their explanation of the influence of sociocultural interactions (Engeström, 1999; Vygotsky, 1978). The social constructionist perspective describes learning through the inter-subjective construction of meaning. 1 Exploring Professional Learning and Development 21 knowledge are socially constituted, so that the learner and the world are irrevocably interrelated through lived experience. Again proponents of this perspective vary in attention paid to differing aspects of social interaction, from a focus on practice to a focus on language (Bourdieu, 1990; Gergen, 2001).

Again proponents of this perspective vary in attention paid to differing aspects of social interaction, from a focus on practice to a focus on language (Bourdieu, 1990; Gergen, 2001). Both these approaches view knowledge as constructed and are attentive to individual and social aspects of learning, but social constructivism has been described as having a more individual emphasis on the construction of meaning, whereas social constructionism emphasises the inter-subjective nature of this construction.

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