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Complicated and risky, in 922 BC the dominion of historic Israel used to be divided into Judah, within the South, and Israel, within the North. For the subsequent two hundred years, there has been virtually consistent warring among those kingdoms and their associates. those sour feuds finally resulted in the cave in of Israel, leaving Judah as a surviving state till the emergence of the Babylonian Empire, the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC, and the exile of the Jewish people.Using historic Jewish, Biblical, and different modern resources, this name examines the politics, scuffling with, and results of Israel's battles in this interval. targeting the turbulent dating among the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, this booklet explains Israel's advanced, usually bloody, international coverage, and offers a definitive historical past of those old conflicts.

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Several biblical texts describe the details of this siege, even including purported conversations between Ahaz and the prophet Isaiah: In the days ofAhaz son ofJotham son of Uzziah, king ofJudah, King Rezin ofAram and King Pekah son ofRemaliah ofIsrael went up to attack Jerusalem, but could not mount an attack against it. [T] herefore thus says the Lord GOD: It shall not stand, and it shall not come to pass. 50 The express aim of Syria and Ephraim's (Le. Israel's) actions was to replace Ahaz with a compliant ruler and return Judah to its vassal-like role in relation to Israel.

No siege of Jerusalem is recorded, and Hezekiah remained on the throne. Given the fact that Hezekiah had remained loyal to Assyria for more than a decade, it is difficult to understand why and how he would have become involved in this rebellion. The HB/OT does not address those issues. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that, for whatever reason, Judah rebelled against Assyria around 714. The biblical and extra-biblical sources allow, however, the following hypothetical sequence of events.

Sargon claims to have reopened a trading post near Egypt, perhaps in Gaza, at the close of the 720 campaign. Second Kings 18: 8 says that around the same time Hezekiah expanded Judean control into the vicinity of Gaza. m pire from 720-714. After this period of expansion, however, Judah would rebel against Assyria on two occasions: 714-711 and 705-701. When Sargon became occupied in Urartu in 714-713, the people of the Philistine city of Ashdod overthrew their king, whom Sargon had appointed to quell a rebellion two years earlier, and placed a usurper named Yamani on the throne.

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