By Todd Telander

Animal Tracks is one in a sequence of complete, nature-based field courses in a pocket-size trim with transparent, full-color illustrations for simple topic identification.

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It is shaped like a large weasel with an elongate body, long neck and tail, short legs, and small ears. It is colored pale golden-brown with black feet, tail tip, and facial mask. Ferrets are mostly nocturnal and solitary, and hunt prairie dogs by slinking into their burrows. Track size (front): 1¼” wide x 1¼” long Track size (rear): 1¼” wide x 1¼” long (not including heel) Description of Track: There are five toes on each foot, although the smaller inner toes do not always register. The medium-length claws may or may not register.

Range: Rocky Mountains, far northwestern United States Habitat: Mountainous forests, high meadows The elk is a large, gregarious member of the deer family with a pale, stubby tail. Its fur is short in the summer, longer in the winter, and colored pale rusty-brown with a darker neck and face. The rump is buff, surrounded by dark brown. Males have a shaggy, dark mane about the neck and large antlers with tines growing from a central beam. Usually active in the morning and evening, elk form large flocks of up to hundreds of individuals.

Its range has been severely reduced due to hunting for its pelt. Fishers are solitary animals, active day or night, excellent climbers, and agile predators among thick forests and fallen timber. They hunt a wide variety of mammals and birds, even preying upon porcupines. They will also eat plants, berries, or carrion. Contrary to its common name, they rarely feed on fish. Track size (front): 3” wide x 3¼” long Track size (rear): 3” wide x 2¾” long Description of Track: There are five toes on each foot, although the smaller inner toes do not always register.

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