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Masking FlashT five from a caricature and gaming point. how you can cohesively pull jointly and create all of the invaluable components for an pleasing caricature convey. Create comic strip characters for tv and song movies; then, notice tips on how to use these sketch parts while scripting and programming interactive video games on the net.

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Flash Designers: push Flash to the subsequent point with After results' powerful toolset. * upload movement pics and visible results in your Flash initiatives * Fuse 3D intensity into 2nd animations * organize Flash animations for broadcast * retailer improvement time in executing animations mix those powerhouse functions to extend your multimedia horizons.

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In contemplating medieval illustrated Buddhist manuscripts as sacred gadgets of cultic innovation, Receptacle of the Sacred explores how and why the South Asian Buddhist book-cult has survived for nearly millennia to the current. A ebook “manuscript” might be understood as a sort of sacred house: a temple in microcosm, not just imbued with divine presence but additionally layered with the stories of many generations of clients.

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This ebook examines the connection among narrative movie and fact, as obvious in the course of the lens of on-screen classical live performance functionality. through investigating those scenes, in which the functionality of tune is foregrounded within the narrative, Winters uncovers how live performance functionality reflexively articulates music's value to the ontology of movie.

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Press K to stop. TIP Using the J, K, and L keys when editing will help you build speed as an editor. You can also use them in the Canvas and Viewer. 5. Hold down the K and L keys together to play forward in slow motion. Release the L key to stop. Hold down the K key, then tap the L key to move forward one frame at a time. Repeat these actions using the K and J keys. 6. Click in the Canvas window, and press L to play the sequence. Press L again to increase the play speed. Press K to stop. NOTE You can also use the Home and End keys, and up, down, left, and right arrows in the Canvas.

4. Click the Thumbnail Display pop-up menu, and make sure Name Plus Thumbnail is selected. [View full size image] In this pop-up menu, you can choose whether you want to view the clips in your Timeline with thumbnail images, just by name, or as a visual filmstrip. When the track height is at its smallest, the clip icons will not be displayed. NOTE This tab is also where you can enter a different starting timecode for your sequence. 5. Click OK to close the window. 6. Look at the bottom of the Timeline next to the Track Height control.

Drag the yellow triangle of the playhead across the Timeline ruler area. Dragging through the sequence this way is called scrubbing. You are viewing your sequence, but not at normal play speed. NOTE As you drag the playhead through the clips in the Timeline, notice how it snaps like a magnet to the beginning of each clip in the sequence. 3. Drag the playhead through the last clip in the sequence, the healer cu clip, and watch in the Canvas until the healer looks towards the camera. Under the Canvas image area is a scrubber bar .

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