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Those essays lay the basis for a tradition of philosophical inquiry sufficient to polytheistic or "Pagan" spiritual traditions, together with particularly the non-reductive hermeneutics of delusion and the idea of the polycentric divine manifold. contains the formerly released articles "The Theological Interpretation of Myth", "Offering to the Gods: A Neoplatonic Perspective", "Polycentric Polytheism and the Philosophy of Religion", in addition to the formerly unpublished "Neoplatonism and Polytheism" and "A Theological Exegesis of the Iliad, publication One".

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Charles Leadbeater, 1913, Metaphysicist 24 15 dark matter is super! ’16 References to the astral and mental counterpart particles are clear references to super particles. It is an accepted fact in the metaphysical literature that ‘astral’ particles are particles with much higher energies (and therefore higher equivalent mass in accordance with Einstein’s most famous equation e=mc2) than standard particles. The metaphysical literature also indicates that there was awareness of the interactions and relationships between standard and super particles, and the invisibility of super particles (from our current frame of reference).

It is in fact a layer, a ring (from a two-dimensional perspective); or a shell (from a three-dimensional perspective) around the Earth. e. the layers below the Earth’s crust), the mantle and the outer core are also ‘rings’ or ‘shells’ around the inner core. Only the inner core is a true sphere. e. ’ 40 shells In earth’s 3d sphere | Chapter 6 The name ‘rings’ is somewhat misleading in that these structures just appear to be rings when projected on the sky. 1 Hence, according to mainstream Science, Earth’s 3d sphere is organized in concentric shells (or rings) around the inner core, according to the density of the shell.

If the Earth was of perfectly uniform composition then, during a descent to the centre of the Earth, gravity would decrease linearly with distance, 37 jay alfred | between the moon and earth reaching zero at the centre. 7 m/s². 8 m/s² at the surface of the Earth. 3d Sphere Shell #7: The Solid Inner Core At the centre of the Earth, is the solid iron core, a sphere with a radius of some 1,280 km (795 mi). The boundary of this sphere is 5,100 km (3,170 mi) from the surface. 2 million times the atmospheric pressure.

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