By S. Supomo (auth.), S. Supomo (eds.)

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Charmingly they embraced one another, their arms like tender shoots of gatJun vine intertwined tightly with the young shoots of the welas-harep vine, both equally beautiful. Canto 38) 1 It would take long to describe their great delight in love-making. At length they ceased their love-talk and were silent; he fixed his mind on smaratantrayoga to produce potency in the enjoyment of love, then she quietened down wearily and she appeared as if fainting in the bridal bed. 2 Eventually both were exhausted and sleepy, and they fell asleep under the covering of a kain, and the queen dreamt she was wandering through the abode of Smara.

TRANSLATION Episode 8d: 6 225 Royal audience Smoothly and unhurriedly the chariots followed the road from the temple-complex to the north; the onlookers were spirited and numerous; even women came out to watch the procession; many followed the chariots, since they were not satisfied by a mere glance, others packed together as people did when they watched Royal ceremonies in the palace. 7 Soon they came to a peerless rest-house; as beautifully designed as [the gates of] a palace were * the gates of this rest-house, and its front yard was in truth like a wmiuntur-yard; within was an audience hall and quarters for the royal household; the royal quarters were as beautiful as a magical dream-like land brought down to earth.

Canto 37) 1 Thus he soothed the irritation of the queen seated on his lap; his passion was firm as sepals at the sound of the rumbling thunder; he praised her breasts in kidun and kakawin poems and kissed her cheeks, and coaxed in this way, her heart softened like a night lotus opening its petals to the moonlight. 2 And so she yielded to his wishes, as he did to hers, and refused his chewed betel no longer. Let us not describe how lovely was the manner in which she unloosened her kain, as she lay coyly beneath his body.

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