Flashes of lightning, resounding thunder, gloomy fog, remarkable sunshine…these are the lifestyles manifestations of the skies. The concrete visceral stories that dwelling lower than these skies stir inside us are the floor for person impulses, feelings, sentiments that during their interplay generate their very own ever-changing clouds. whereas our mind concentrates at the discovery of our cosmic place, at the structure of the universe, our mind's eye is trained through the gloomy vapors, the glimmers of fleeting gentle, and the distinction of the skies. Reconnoitering from the soil of human lifestyles and striving in the direction of the endless, the elan of mind's eye will get stuck up within the clouds of the skies. There in that dimness, sensory receptivity, tendencies, feelings, passionate strivings, yearnings, elevations assemble and propagate. From the “Passions of the Skies” spring innermost intuitions that nourish literature and the arts.​

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Claro”. ”. “Oh, son, reality is all that we see and touch”. “And that, which we do not see but exist, is also reality? ). Reality encompasses all. Awareness of self is reflective consciousness; its subject becomes its own object which refers to questioning. To be aware of oneself and alterity, to perceive how and where one is involved in, is to be capable of reflection and alliteration. Man’s nature shows a continuous almost instinctive passion to place himself in his surroundings and validates his worth.

In nature odds and outcomes might be predicted but cannot be determinate. Her behavior reaffirms human unpredictability as well as those in nature as the reader finds a surprising open ending. True judgments must be conceivable as a logical unity within the transcendental unity of apperception in which they exist while judgments are essentially universal within the world in which they belong. Opposites forming singularity and universality S K I E S PA S S I O N S 37 can be understood as joined unity seeking mediations of particularity and the singular-particular which constitute a syllogism.

Even the psychoanalytic unconscious must be approached thought the senses, an incarnate principle in terms of its poetic and oneiric powers, thus no access to the real can separate itself from the terrestrial, being the animal in our perceptive life. Every atom in our body previously existed, it came from Earth and before from the exploding stars at the Bing Bang. Furthermore in the cosmos, physics claims a unitary whole as a law of order where one finds multiple organizing principles that link all beings in series of subsidiary and provisional entities in physical, organic and chemical scales; from elementary particles, molecules, atoms, bacteria, virus, to sentient and conscious organisms at micro and macro levels.

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