By David Mills

Transparent, concise, and persuasive, Atheist Universe information precisely why God is mindless to give an explanation for the universe and life's variety, association, and wonder. the writer completely rebuts each argument that says to ''prove'' God's lifestyles — arguments in line with common sense, logic, philosophy, ethics, heritage and technological know-how.

Atheist Universe avoids the esoteric language utilized by philosophers and offers its medical proof in basic lay phrases, making it a richly wonderful and easy-to-read creation to atheism. A accomplished primer, it addresses all of the ancient and clinical questions, together with: Is there evidence that God doesn't exist? What proof is there of Jesus' resurrection? Can production technological know-how reconcile scripture with the most recent medical discoveries?

Atheist Universe additionally solutions moral concerns similar to: what's the which means of existence with out God? it is a spellbinding inquiry that finally arrives at a arguable and well-documented end.

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Today, the Church is fighting stem-cell research, cloning technology and genetic engineering. But when cloning laboratories provide an unlimited supply "One is often told that it is a very wrong thing to attack of transplant tissue for dying religion, because religion children, and when genetic engimakes men virtuous. " again forget their initial opposi—LORD BERTRAND RUSSELL tion and hail these achievements (1872-1970), British Nobel Laureate, mathematician, as evidence of God's love for philosopher and peace activist, in mankind.

But occasionally I would confront someone who asked for proof that my religious beliefs were true. I recall in particular a friend of mine named Doug, who was Jewish by family heritage but was, in practice, a religious skeptic. So Doug was not about to blindly accept my every assertion about Jesus, the miracle-working Messiah. Doug said that he would happily become a Christian if I could only prove the Christian faith true. I told Doug that Jesus bore witness in my heart that He was real, but Doug sought proof of a more scientific nature.

I do believe, though, that the terms "right" and "wrong" usually lack a clear, unbiased definition when employed by most speakers. Personally, I prefer to label behavior as either "considerate" or "inconsiderate" of someone else's rights. Those terms, I feel, tend to clarify the issues, rather than to obscure them. INTERVIEWER: HOW 53 ATHEIST UNIVERSE If an act deliberately and needlessly impinges upon someone else's rights, then I consider that act wrong and abstain from that activity. Murder, robbery, assault and battery—and almost all crimes—would fit into this category.

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