By Neil O’Doherty MD, FRCP, DCH (auth.)

What is the problem? 245 what's the Plan? 313 Why did it ensue? 325 may well it take place back? 326 part 6 epidermis Defects creation 333 Vascular Birthmarks 337 Pigmented Birthmarks 357 Partial Thickness Defects 369 Keratinisation issues 377 Blistering and Bullous problems 381 Neuroectodermal Dysplasias 387 Index 401 advent what's an ordinary child baby? to respond to that question calls for an adventure big enough to understand the numerous diversifications which are thought of inside a typical variety. a few of these diversifications may be measured, corresponding to weight and size. Others are much less simply measured, yet have turn out to be famous as universal editions corresponding to molding of the top or transitority deformations of limbs as a result of strange intrauterine positions. a technique to acknowledge deviations from basic that could require intervention is to have a protracted adventure studying many babies. otherwise is to complement a finite event via entry to a great selection of pictures taken over an extended interval by means of a cautious observer. nobody scholar can in all probability see all of the common and irregular diversifications in baby babies within the time dispensed in such a lot curricula, or for that topic in a life-time. we're depending on shared information.

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Cysts Bilateral sublingual mucous 53 54 77. Thick lingual frenulum and dimpled tongue tip 78 . Labial frenum thickened and continuous with the median palatal raphe The mouth Sexual characteristics 79·87 55 The genitalia of the newborn female baby gape slightly, partially uncovering the labia minora and perhaps the clitoris (79). Mucoid vaginal secretion is common (80). The clitoris is large and in pre-term babies so large that the inexperienced practitioner may suspect intersex. In the newborn male, the relatively large size of the phallus makes the baby appear 'well endowed'.

Meconium staining of the skin following fetal distress 36. Meconium staining of the cord following fetal distress 29 30 37. Meconium ingrained around the nailbeds following fetal distress The skin The skin 38. Physiological jaundice 39. Jaundice anemia associated with 31 32 The skin 40 Erythema toxicum 41. Erythema toxicum The skin 42. Milia: some of the larger lesions are cystic 43. Sudamina 33 34 The skin 44. 'Stork marks' on the upper lids and the glabella 45. 'Stork marks' on the upper lip The skin 46.

Other pearls may be seen on the alveolar margin (68), on the areola (69), or on the foreskin (70). Epstein's pearls 71-73 Natal teeth Epulis 74-76 Ranula Natal teeth may be present (71) commonly in the central incisor region, and there is a familial pattern of occurrence. They are usually only immature caps of enamel and dentine with poor root formation. It is best to remove them because they would soon exfoliate spontaneously and might be aspirated. They are nearly all from the normal deciduous complement and extraction will not deplete the permanent dentition.

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