By Alwyn T. Lloyd

Element & Scale Vol.25: B-29 Superfortress (Part 2)

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The well known writer of The London Blitz and V for Vengeance, brings clean perception and new resources to this compelling account of worldwide conflict II's most renowned air crusade, together with the real starting place of many “Canadian” pilots within the RAF, whose precise nationality used to be disguised because of usa neutrality early within the battle.

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Trinaesta hercegovacka NOU brigada (Vojnoizdavacki i novinski centarJNA, Belgrade, 1988) Vojnoizdavacki i novinski centar - Beograd Druga krajiska brigada (Belgrade, 1988) Vojnoizdavacki i novinski centar - Beograd Prva proleterska brigada (Belgrade, 1986) Vojnoizdavacki zavod - Beograd 15 Majevicka brigada (Belgrade, 1979) Vojnoizdavacki zavod - Beograd Vojna enciklopedija 1-10 (Belgrade, 1971) Vujasinovic, T. Ozrenski partizanski odred COLOUR PLATE COMMENTARY A: SLOVENE PARTISAN, LIBERATION FRONT, 1942 The illustration shows a Slovene Partisan (1), a member of the Liberation Front of 1942.

There was always one soldier responsible for keeping the fire burning all night long. Improvised shelters were put up quickly to protect the wounded, the headquarters, the radio if they had one, and food and munitions. Bad weather was a frequent occurrence in the mountains, with heavy rainfall and electrical storms. Such adversity had to be stoically faced. Any captured raincoats or shelter halves were given to the wounded, the sick, women and courier boys. In the damp forests, wet clothes took days to dry out.

Above all, he was to be brave and resolute, always in the front line and an example to everyone; humble and willing to share his troubles with others; willing to encourage his fellow soldiers in the most trying of situations; and able to accept criticism from others and to point out others' mistakes. At the time, this was a positive concept which motivated a great number of soldiers, particularly the younger ones. After the war, a change of direction took place in this regard, similar to the Soviet model.

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