By Dr. med. Gabriel Stux, Prof. Bruce Pomeranz MD, Ph.D (auth.)

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The researchers were blind as to the Western diagnosis, to ensure that no clues were available to them. 5%, which was highly significant [133]. Recently, Melzack and Katz [121] could find no difference in conductance between acupuncture points and nearby control points in patients with chronic pain [121] when they measured skin resistances in the ear. Unfortunately, neither Ryo31 doraku nor the Voll machine has been validated by similar controlled studies. Moreover, the further claims for the Voll machine that homeopathic remedies placed in parallel with the measuring wires can modify the readings, and thereby be used to select appropriate treatments for the diagnosed ailment, have never been scientifically tested [83 a].

Cutaneous nerves emerging from deep fascia. 4. Nerves emerging from bone foramina. 5. Motor points of neuromuscular attachments: a neuromuscular attachment is the site where a nerve enters the muscle mass. This is not always the actual neuromuscular synapse, which may occur a few centimeters further along the nerve and after it has divided into smaller branches. The pathophysiological significance of this neuromuscular attachment is unknown. Travell emphasises that many authors have used "motor point" interchangeably with "trigger point", but they are not at the same location in most cases [191].

This can be read out on a meter directly or a Wheatstone bridge. Most devices produce a beeping tone whose frequency (or intensity) is proportional to the resistance being measured. This allows the clinician to move the roving pencil probe around the body surface while listening to the tones. , hands, face, ears) in which acupuncture points and low resistance often coincide (but see [121] for negative results on the ear). It is further claimed that during disease of particular organs the resistances at acupoints are abnormally low (even lower than the usual low resistance at acupoints; but see [121]).

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