By John Loscerbo

The current wntmg makes an attempt a explanation of the query concerning know-how and of its "Essence" within the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger. In view of this, our preliminary job will consist in interpreting the origins of recent know-how, which Heidegger descries within the primordial "experience" of Being as cpvO'u;, including the human manners of comportment to this the primordial manifestness of Being. we are going to start partly One by means of attending basically, yet no longer completely, to the subjective dimen­ sion, permitting thereby the way of the ancient "progression" of Being, that's, its remodeling self-showing, to face within the history. This process turns out to us now not purely applicable with appreciate to our function as an entire, yet additionally cor­ responds to the problem at factor, for Being in its personal development is basically self-concealing, which in flip brings to prominence the "subjective" in union with the various modes of the "Being of beings", termed "beingness". In conformity with Heidegger's interpretation of "Metaphysics", there might be yet little question that Being itself persists all through in presence basically as absence. hence, we'll hint out this fashion of Being's presence in absence and the respective dominating human manners of relatedness to Being's beingness, that's, we needs to become aware of the transformation of unique vo6v (or I,SYElV, TSXV1J), into Platonic i6slV ( 'j6S!Y. ).

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Kirk in his Heraclitus-book, pp. 34f[' holds the alternate view. In this regard the discussion has merely philological interest, for none would deny that the ,toroe; is ad, notwithstanding the supposed ambiguity in fragment 1. Cf. also F. Cleve, The Giants of Presophistic Greek Thought, Vol. 1 (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1969) p. 41 and esp. p. 95, Note 2. OVTOs or to &¢t)VeTOl although this was not clear to Aristotle ... " Cf. also the work Vier Serninare, pp. I Off, which in this case, seems to conflict with EM.

42. Closing a remarkable article Sallis states: "Heidegger's thought does not move away from Being and Time but rather back to its beginning - in order to attempt a more originary beginning. " 159. p. 142. dE/N The domain- of qJr5(Jl~-AOYO~ is a primordial one which on Heidegger's view is not yet "metaphysical", provided we conceive of "Metaphysics" as the "Vorstellen" of "beings as such" whereby Being as Being remains unthought. But this preoccupation with "beings as such" or "beings as a whole" lets us encounter two perspectives out of which the "essence" of modern technology may be approached.

Cf. p. 130. As far as we are able to discern, this is the closest SZ came to the later interpretation of i,o/,os. 82. EM, p. " 83. We recall that in SZ, Heidegger characterizes aYE/VaS bljXoVV and moreover contends that "Aussage" as "Priidikation" and "Heraussage" hence as expressed "Rede" -is grounded in "Aufzeigen" in the sense of i,o}'os as dnocp

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