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W h i l e r R N A t e n d s t o b e stabl e an d t o accumulat e in th e y o u n g brain , m R N A is degrade d an d proportionatel y m o r e m R N A synthesi s is required . T h i s is t o provid e m R N A for r i b o s o m e s w h i c h ar e constantl y b e i n g exporte d fro m th e n u c l e u s , an d t o provid e m R N A for existin g r i b o s o m e s presen t in th e c y t o p l a s m w h o s e m R N A c o m p l e m e n t ha s b e e n degraded . G . Interactions of Ribosomal Polyribosomes Subunits and of mRNA on I n th e brain , a s in othe r m a m m a l i a n tissues , m R N A - p r o t e i n c o m p l e x e s interac t w i t h ribosoma l s u b u n i t s t o for m p o l y r i b o s o m e s on w h i c h protei n synthesi s is carrie d out .

And Gratzer, W . B. (1974). Biochemistry 13, 5373-5378. Ryffel, G. U . and M c C a r t h y , B. J. (1975). Biochemistry 14, 5373-5378. Schade, J. P. and Ford, D . H . (1973). "Basic Neurology". Elsevier Press, Amsterdam. T a u b , F . and Johnson, T . C. (1975). Biochem J. 151, 173-180. White, J. , Hall, C , L i m , L. and Davison, A. N . (1975). Biochem. Soc. Trans. 3, 94-95. W o n g , P. W . , Fresco, R. and Justice, P. (1972). Metabolism 21, 875-881. Chapter 3 Metabolic Influences on Cell Proliferation in the Brain R .

The forebrains of rats killed 30 min later where homogenized in 0-25 ì sucrose containing Tris buffer (50 mm Tris-HCl, pH 7-6, 25 m M KC1 and 12 mvi MgCl ). There was a fourfold increase in the brain level of phenylalanine in the treated animals. The postmitochondrial supernatant was obtained by centrifugation of the homogenate at 15 000 g/10 min and analysed on 12-35% sucrose density gradients in Tris buffer after centrifugation at 80 000 g/2-5 h at 4°. 2 2. RN A 37 METABOLIS M p o l y r i b o s o m e s .

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