By Jana Dixon

Finished guidebook for these present process kundalini awakening, together with mental abilities, workouts, dietary software and a unique method of the technological know-how of non secular alchemy. a massive innovation in realizing the transformational strategy and the spiritualization of the physique.

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You might say rigid belief in the memory of our past-self is the only thing holding us back from enlightenment. at least then we are growing. Repression does not simply “make things go away” but condemns them to the shadow realms, where they incubate and infect the entirety of our lives with disharmony. Numbness and unconsciousness produce ever-increasing dysfunction, neurosis and removal from reality. Thus when our conditioning is “penetrated” the symptoms are likely to be more extreme than it would be say if we come from a very benign-loving history.

Hatha yoga prepares the physical body of man to bear all the hardship connected with the functioning in him of the higher psychic forces; higher consciousness, will, intense emotions etc… These forces do not function in ordinary man. Their awakening and development produce a terrific strain and pressure on the physical body. And if the body is not trained and prepared by special exercises, if it is in its usual sickly condition, it is unable to withstand this pressure and cannot keep up with the unusually intensive work of the organs of perception and consciousness, which is inevitably connected with the development of the higher forces and possibilities of man.

Thus we need enormous faith, understanding and compassion in order to ride the wave. It takes genius to ride the wave of emergence into the depths of the unknown, in order to avoid being smashed under the tension-wave or vainly 28 try to save ourselves by crawling back up the beach. In order to move from a past structure of consciousness to a new structure of consciousness the present one must be perturbed or penetrated with greater energy of awareness. The peak experiences of kundalini are such a “perturbation” of our former conditioning.

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