By James Aho, Kevin Aho

Written in a jargon-free manner, physique issues offers a transparent and available phenomenological critique of middle assumptions in mainstream biomedicine and explores ways that wellbeing and fitness and disease are skilled and interpreted otherwise in numerous socio-historical events. via drawing at the disciplines of literature, cultural anthropology, sociology, clinical background, and philosophy, the authors try and dismantle universal presuppositions now we have approximately human afflictions and consider how the tools of phenomenology open up new how one can interpret the physique and to re-envision remedy.

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They are incidental consequences of practices and interactions undertaken for other purposes. Corporate magnates do not build coal plants for the purpose of sickening people. ” They are public costs over and above the debits that companies post to their ledger accounts. This argument can also be applied to automobiles and paved streets. Americans don’t build cars and roads in order to kill forty thousand of their fellow citizens annually or to willfully maim hundreds of thousands of others. The deaths and disablements are (to use a military euphemism) “collateral damage,” costs incident to promoting rapid transportation.

Our] way to be, . . the how of [our] being and the character of this how” (Heidegger, 1985, 154). ” This is a colloquial German expression that refers to everyday human existence. Heidegger uses it to underscore the fact that to be human is to be always “there” in-a-world. He then goes on to say that the how of Dasein is “ecstatic” (Heidegger, 1982, 267). Ecstasy, to Heidegger, has nothing to do with momentary emotional elation. Quite the opposite; he traces the term back to the Greek expression ekstatikon, which means “stepping-outside-self,” a term closely affiliated with “existence” (267).

Whether it is due to “idle talk,” luxury, or inordinate sleep, time-wasting is “worthy of absolute condemnation” (Weber, 1958, 157–58). Georg Simmel, one of Weber’s contemporaries, focused attention on the pivotal role played by the emergence of the modern money economy in the acceleration of life. As a metric for The Accelerated Body and Its Pathologies / 35 assessing labor efficiency, as in the motto “time is money,” it compels people to do more and more in less time (Simmel, 1997a). Marxists have also commented on the speeding up of life.

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