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11 Have the mould checked by the teacher. 12 Place the sand core into the mould (Fig. 1 3), making sure that the downgate is over the runner bar. It is advisable to shape the core print and core box so that it is impossible to place the core in the mould incorrectly. Fig. 11 Remove the core box 13 The mould is now ready for pouring and should be taken to the casting area. 14 When the castings have cooled, remove them from the mould, cut off the runner bars, and finish (Fig. 1). Using cover cores is a quick and efficient method of producing castings.

2 From the box, produce a core (Fig. 3) that can be made either in sand or in casting plaster (which can be poured in a similar manner to plaster of Paris). If plaster is used to make the cores, it must be thoroughly dried and free from moisture before casting. 3 Fashion the core to the desired shape (Fig. 3). 4 The shaped core is used in a similar manner to a pattern and is moulded using the jointing d o w n technique described in Chapter 5, or by using the oddside method of moulding, which is an alternative to jointing d o w n .

8 Holes made in match plate to correspond with a moulding box 3 Vent the mould. 4 Keeping the moulding box and the match plate together turn them over. If they are not held tightly together the match plate could be dislodged and the job ruined. 5 Add the downgate (and riser pegs if required). 6 Ram facing and backing sand and level off the box top. 7 Vent the box. 8 Remove the downgate peg. 9 Lift off the top-part box and the match plate (Fig. 10). 10 Gently remove the box from the match plate (Fig.

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