By Vladimir Antonov

This booklet is a special selection of wisdom at the global non secular philosophy - from precedent days to provide day. It comprises Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse, Bhagavad Gita of Krishna, Emerald pill of Hermes Trismegistus, Emerald capsules of Thoth-the-Atlantean, Golden Verses of Pythagoras, apocryphal Gospel of Philip, and lots of extra. The texts are awarded in a latest efficient variation with clarifying commentaries. The reader can develop into familiar with the lessons of Jesus Christ and Buddha, with the basics of Quran and Sunna, with the concept that of Agni Yoga, with the non secular wisdom of local american citizens, with the lessons of latest Divine Messiahs: Sathya Sai Baba and Babaji from Haidakhan. One may even see that during all occasions God has been instructing humans a similar, even though in a little bit diversified phrases - reckoning on concrete cultural traditions and political occasions. He teaches us what He desires us to be, what's the which means of our lives in the world, and the way to gain it.

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Earth, water, fire, air, akasha58, mind, consciousness, and individual ā€œIā€ ā€” all this is what exists in the world of My prakriti, eight in total. 7:5. This is My lower nature. Know also, O mighty-armed, My higher nature, Which is that Element of Life thanks to Which the whole world is sustained. 7:6. It is the womb of everything existing. I am the Source of the (manifest) universe, and it disappears in Me! 7:7. There is nothing superior to Me! Everything is threaded on Me like stringed pearls! 7:8.

These actions do not bind Me, unruffled, unattached to actions! 9:10. Under My supervision, prakriti gives birth to the moving and nonmoving. This is why, O Kaunteya, this cosmic manifestation functions. 9:11. The insane disregard Me when they meet Me in the corporal human form, for they do not know My Supreme Divine Essence! 9:12. They are astray in faith, astray in deeds, astray in knowledge, wandered to the dead end, demoniac, indulging in lie! 9:13. But Mahatmas, O Partha, having transcended My Divine maya, serve Me purposefully, knowing Me as the Inexhaustible Source of Creations!

There is no purifier better than wisdom in this world! With its help, the one skilled in yoga attains Enlightenment in the Atman in due course. 4:39. The one full of faith gains wisdom. The one controlling the indriyas gains it too. Having achieved wisdom, they quickly attain the higher worlds. 4:40. But the ignorant, devoid of faith, irresolute go to destruction! For doubting ones there is neither this world, nor the next one, nor happiness! 4:41. He who abandoned false action with the help of yoga, who removed all doubts with the help of wisdom, who established himself in the Atman cannot be bound by action, O Dhananjaya!

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