By Cyril M. Franks Ph.D. (auth.), Cyril M. Franks Ph.D. (eds.)

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The second type is characterized by a hyperreactivity with considerable irregularity and disturbance in the respiration. See, for example, the chart of a prominent author (Fig. 2). The third or scientific type is marked by a regularity of response seen in both the respiration and in the movements (Fig. 3). AID IN THE STUDY OF THE PSYCHIATRIC PATIENT 29 Fluctuations in the Same Hand. , alcohol, but also it varies with a large number of conceptual factors. As an extreme degree of this, let us take the variation that can be brought about in a susceptible person by hypnotic suggestion.

Gantt, the director of the Pavlovian Laboratory at the Johns Hopkins University, is one of the few in this country who has been concerned with this problem since before World War II. The article reproduced here describes in detail the relatively simple procedures worked out by Gantt for the use of motor-conditioned reflexes as an aid to the diagnostic differentiation of various organic and psychogenic disturbances. In the next two papers, Alexander shows how the psychogalvanic skin response may be used to assist the clinician in the often difficult differential diagnosis between physical and psychogenic pain states, and Ban explores the use of the conditioned eyeblink response in the exploration of the "functional activity" of the central nervous system.

Slight impairment of 1 or more above elements. C = marked impairment of 1 or more above elements; cannot form conditional reflexes without help in pointing out signals and involving speech center. " E = same as for D plus inability to carry out orders. a, b, c, d, e = used instead of capitals to indicate performance as above but in terms of primitive crs. If pt. gets above C it means he can elaborate crs without help. Table 1. Sample report sheet. cently acquired, as in a patient examined with bilateral frontal lobe extirpation, he would have shown a much greater deficit.

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