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КнигаDesign necessities for the movement Media Artist рассказывает о рисовании людей, животных, различных предметов, текста в движении, что может быть применено как просто в рисунках, так и в мультипликации или создании футажей

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Most people are familiar with rulers for drawing straight edges and compasses, set squares, and protractors for drawing circles, creating right angles, and working out nonstandard angles, respectively. 9). These are usually made from plastic and have a selection of even and uneven curves that you can use as guides in your drawings. All of these can be picked up from your local art shop or online art supply store. 9 Other drawing aids, including my very well-worn French curves, compass, and set square.

You should be fairly confident about choosing the correct materials to draw with. Remember to think about all of the things you learned here when choosing a subject. What’s the lighting like? Should you draw from an unusual angle to exaggerate the perspective in the drawing? How will you create enough contrast and depth to the object? What kind of shading will you use? But most important, don’t give up! Even at your lowest moments, even if you feel you have created a substandard drawing, persevere!

I like to use inks for shiny surfaces like glass, plastic, leather, and so on, and I use gouache for fluffy or furry textures like the tennis ball. Don’t feel like you have to follow my lead, though. Use whatever inspires you. If you don’t feel that your skills are quite up to this exercise just yet, then find some images (look in magazines or online) that fit the specifications. Cut out or print out the pictures, and paste them onto a sheet of paper. 20 The addition of color makes it easier to differentiate among materials.

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