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On an international level, various natural and political disasters along the northern coast of the Mediterranean appear to have precipitated widespread migrations and invasions that plunged the Mediterranean region into a dark age. In the second year of the reign of Ramesses II (c. 1278 BC) there was a raid by Sherden pirates, who were defeated and incorporated into the Egyptian army as an elite force of mercenaries. This was the first real indication of the threat posed by a loose confederation of sea-going Indo-European migrants, including the Ekwesh, Shekelesh, Tjeker, Weshesh, Teresh, Sherden, Lukka and Denyen, whom the Egyptians described as the Sea Peoples or simply 'northerners'.

Royal Museum ojScotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH 1 UP. Tele­ phone: m1-2257534. Egypt Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square, Cairo. Luxor Museum of Egyptian Art, Sharia Nahr cl-Nil, Luxor. France Musee du Louvre, Palais du Louvre, F-75041 Paris. o! Italy Museo Egizio, Palazzo dell' Accademia delle Scienze, Via Accademia delle Scienze 6, Turin. Musco Egizio ; Vatican City, Rome. 100Km J Aswan Elephantine~Phiiae 52. Map of Egypt showing the location of sites mentioned in the text. ) Netherlands Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Rapenburg 28, 2311 EW Leiden, ZuidHolland.

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