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Flash Designers: push Flash to the following point with After results' strong toolset. * upload movement pix and visible results for your Flash initiatives * Fuse 3D intensity into 2nd animations * arrange Flash animations for broadcast * retailer improvement time in executing animations mix those powerhouse functions to extend your multimedia horizons. Flash + After results provides the skilled Flash fashion designer a operating figuring out of the After results toolset with expert options that bring up the layout bar for internet, broadcast, or CD/DVD supply. The spouse DVD comprises venture media that let you to perform crucial After results abilities that come with: * operating with video and the AE timeline * utilizing alpha channels for keying and embellishing interactivity * placing vector animation to paintings with textual content and form Layers, and animation presets * growing 3D backgrounds with cameras and lighting fixtures * Animating with Behaviors, Parenting, Expressions and the Puppet software you furthermore mght get a video primer, render and dossier optimization recommendations, and publishing and streaming directions. mix powerhouse purposes to: * upload movement snap shots and visible results * Fuse 3D intensity into second animations * organize Flash animations for broadcast * retailer improvement time

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Flash Designers: push Flash to the subsequent point with After results' powerful toolset. * upload movement pix and visible results for your Flash tasks * Fuse 3D intensity into 2nd animations * organize Flash animations for broadcast * store improvement time in executing animations mix those powerhouse purposes to extend your multimedia horizons.

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For PAL, set the Stage size to 768 x 576. This is wider than its video size of 720 x 576. The published movie can be rescaled in After Effects to fit the correct dimensions. Even though the image may look distorted on the computer screen, it will appear correct on video. 1 shows the correct Stage size needed for each video format. 1: Flash Stage Size Settings for Different Video Formats Video Format Frame Ratio Pixel Ratio Video Size Flash Stage NTSC DV 4:3 non-square 720 x 480 720 x 534 NTSC D1 4:3 non-square 720 x 486 720 x 540 PAL DV/D1 4:3 non-square 720 x 576 768 x 576 NTSC DV 16:9 non-square 720 x 480 864 x 480 NTSC D1 16:9 non-square 720 x 486 864 x 486 PAL 16:9 non-square 720 x 576 1024 x 576 HDTV 720p 16:9 square 1280 x 720 1280 x 720 HDTV 1080i 16:9 square 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 There is some good news with high-definition (HD) television.

15. To apply the Displacement Map effect to the adjustment layer, click and drag the effect to Adjustment Layer 1 in the Timeline panel. Release the mouse. The Effect Controls panel opens to display the effect’s properties. 30 Chapter 1: Getting Started in After Effects 16. 56. 56: Displacement Map settings. 17. Click on the RAM Preview button to see the effect. The Displacement Map gives the illusion of being underwater. It pushes and pulls pixels based on changes in luminosity (brightness and darkness) occurring in the Fractal Noise movie.

These include QuickTime, SWF, or an FLV file. It is a fairly simple process. Exercise 4: Rendering a Project 1. Make sure the DeepBlue_FINAL comp is still open in the Timeline panel. 2. Select Composition > Make Movie. This opens the Render Queue. It is a new tab that sits on top of the Timeline panel. You may need to drag this frame larger to see all the options in the Render Queue. 3. In the Output To dialog box select the Chapter_01 folder on your hard drive as the final destination for the rendered movie.

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