By J. W. Dobbie, M. A. Zaki (auth.), John F. Maher M.D., James F. Winchester M.D. (eds.)

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3. Capillary permeability and aqueous diffusivity of a variety of solutes versus molecular weight. 3 0 = cat legs; D = human forearm; A = dog heart. 34 Dedrick, et al. shows that the value is proportional both to the square root of the intratissue diffusivity, D, of the gas and the capillary blood flow per unit volume of tissue, q. Thus, the blood flow measured is "effective" in removing that gas, but would be expected to vary with the diffusivity of the gas, in agreement with the results of Collins.

13 The kinetic implications of this have been explored relatively little. Figure 4 shows the PA product (or clearance chosen under conditions to approximate the PA product) of urea and inulin in the rat, rabbit, dog, and human. 62 power of body weight. These values are in reasonable agreement with the value of 2/3 expected for surface area. This suggests that the intrinsic permeability of the peritoneum is similar among mammalian species. The rate constant for the concentration change during absorption of solutes from the peritoneal cavity is PA/V p' where Vp is the volume of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.

1 (mllmin) by Pyle et al. 19 . 1 (mllmin/mm Hg). This value for the peritoneal membrane filtration coefficient is in good agreement with that obtained by Rippe et al. 16. 17 in the cat (scale to 70 kg man). 1 7 The latter is defined as the product of the peritoneal filtration coefficient (LpA) and the osmotic reflection coefficient for glucose (0 g). If we assume that the effective exchange area (A) and the hydraulic conductivity (Lp) remain essentially constant when shifting between the two dextrose concentrations, we have: RT (214 - 76) LpAog (3) according to van't Hoffs law as corrected using the osmotic reflection coefficient (0) for solute-permeable membranes.

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