By Ronald G. II Eriksen

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It is no exaggeration to say that anybody could be attacked by these human scums. If trouble should come while you are in your automobile, I hope this book will prove to be of value. I wish everyone who reads this the very best. 39 USEFUL REFERENCES The following publications are recommended for further study. EMERGENCY AND HIGH SPEED DRIVING TECHNIQUES by John M. , Houston, TX, 1976. I found this book almost impossible to read. The author goes way overboard on theory and mathematical calculations.

It is surprising how far off the road an ordinary car will actually go, if you drive it carefully. Jumping Curbs Jumping a curb is a good way to avoid a blockade in the street. A curb can be easily jumped as long as you remember to hit it at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and at a speed under 45 mph. Shooting Any passengers riding shotgun should be seated in the back. This allows them to shoot in any direction without interfering with the driver. 35 Targets of choice on the enemy vehicle are the driver and the front tires.

The most effective means of doing this is illustrated in Figure 13. Hit the enemy vehicle's bumper at the angle illustrated. You should be going 10 to 20 mph faster than he is. Remember to hit, not push, the vehicle. After impact, the enemy's vehicle will go sliding sideways down the road until his tires regain traction. When this happens, his car will go in the direction it is pointing -- off the road. Figure 14 illustrates another method to knock someone off the road. In this situation, you would pull alongside the rear of the enemy vehicle and crash into his rear wheel section.

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