By Helen J. Nicholson

Эта книга повествует о судьбоносной кампании, которая привели к мусульманскому захвата Иерусалима в 1187 году, после катастрофического поражения крестоносцев при Хаттине

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Jerusalem surrenders to Saladin. Saladin sends army to besiege Tyre. Combined land and naval attack on Tyre beaten off. Saladin disbands half his army, raises siege of Tyre. frontier with Antioch. It was now the Muslim month of Muharram when huge numbers of pilgrims would be travelling home from Mecca. So Saladin left the troops who were assembling at Ras al Mai' under the command of his son Al Afdal and, perhaps fearing another raid by Reynald of Chatillon, took his own guards south of Busra to keep watch on the pilgrim road.

Nevertheless the main role of Saladin's fleet was to transport troops rapidly from Egypt to Syria, and to hamper traffic between the Latin States and Europe. Marines would sail aboard larger merchant ships as well as fighting galleys and could include archers, fire-troops and operators of stone-throwing machines as well as boarders. When faced with an enemy fleet Muslim galleys made use of crescent-shaped or compacted formations, 33 GOD'S WARRIORS feigned retreat and used coastal features for cover.

THE CAMPAIGN Despite a truce between Saladin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the situation east of the River Jordan was volatile by the start of 1187, while farther south Reynald of Chatillon was still demanding tolls from Muslim caravans travelling between Egypt and Syria. Suddenly, that winter, Reynald attacked a large caravan, capturing the travellers and their escort. Perhaps he felt that such a large escort breached the truce, or that Saladin's support for Count Raymond in his quarrel with King Guy (see above) had already done so, or perhaps he was simply 'piratical' as some Muslim chroniclers believed.

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