By Jr., John Miller

This account of the 1st victory over jap floor forces, advised on the point of businesses, platoons, or even contributors, demonstrates the connection among air, floor, and floor forces in glossy struggle.

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Ritchie (Chief, SWPA Theater Gp), OPD, for Brig Gen St. Clair Streett (Ch Theater Gp, OPD), 23 Jun 42, sub: Offensive Opns in SWPA. OPD 381 SWPA Sec. II Case 80. C. Handy) for WDCSA, 24 Jun 42. sub: Opns in SWPA. OPD 381 SWPA Sec. II Case 76; rad, WDCSA to GHQ SWPA, CM-OUT-5704, 23 Jun 42. 28 Ibid. THE STRATEGIC DECISION 15 ground forces from the Pacific Ocean Areas were employed inside the Southwest Pacific Area under a naval command exercised from a distant headquarters, as the Navy had suggested.

32 Admiral Nimitz immediately began 29 Rad, GHQ SWPA to WDCSA, CM-IN-7976, 24 Jun 42. Apparently OPD had also misunderstood General MacArthur's plans. S. ARMY IN WORLD WAR II. 30 Memo, WDCSA for COMINCH, 26 Jun 42, sub: Offensive Opns in SO and SOWESPAC Areas. OPD 381 SWPA Sec. II Case 80. 31 Memo, COMINCH for WDCSA, 26 Jun 42, sub: Offensive Opns in SO and SOWESPAC Areas. OPD 381 SWPA Sec. II Case 80. 32 COMINCH to CINCPAC, 1415 of 27 Jun 42. SOPAC War Diary. 16 GUADALCANAL: THE FIRST OFFENSIVE preparations, as did Admiral Ghormley in the South Pacific.

Thirty-five Army B-17's and twenty-two B-26's were stationed at New Caledonia and the Fijis. Thirtyeight Army PAGO'S were also operating from New Caledonia. 23 20 COMSOPAC, Opn Plan No. 1-42, A4-3/A 16-3, Ser 0017, 16 Jul 42. Copy No. 120 of Operation Plan 1-42 is in the Office of Naval Records and Library. Code names assigned were as follows: Task One, PESTILENCE; rehearsal, DOVETAIL; Guadalcanal-Tulagi invasion, WATCHTOWER; Ndeni occupation, HUDDLE. The code name of Guadalcanal was CACTUS; that of Tulagi, RINGBOLT.

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