By Peter Todd

What fills our eyes, fills our hearts. What fills our hearts, fuels our future and the process our lives. it is a publication of desire and beauty. In those splendidly crafted pages, you will discover:

* Your hope for worship rekindled. * That an open heaven is looking ahead to your worship. * the adventure of heavenly worship ends up in His presence. * The 5 songs of heavenly worship. * That heaven is our home—not simply our destiny.

Heavenly Worship takes us on an inspiring trip during which we're awed and empowered in order that our love doesn't develop chilly. in this heavenly trip, you can be refreshed, refilled, and recommissioned for you to remain devoted and fruitful. because, then, you've been raised with Christ, set your hearts on issues above, the place Christ is seated on the correct hand of God. Set your minds on issues above, now not on earthly issues. (Col. 3:1)

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They sing of worthiness and holiness. They are with God and in God, and yet there is distance here. He is “Holy! Holy! ” That means He is set apart, and not just by a short gap. ” But God is “Holy! Holy! ” Isaiah says of Him, “I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted” (Isa. 6:1). He is above us and beyond us and yet, somehow, remains totally accessible. The Throne Is Unassailable The security of the throne does not rely on walls, ramparts, and heavily armed guards; it is secure, not because of concrete Heavenly Worship_070605_m 12-10-2005 9:27 Pagina 27 The Journey of Heavenly Worship 27 foundations, but because of the constant character of He who sits on it.

32:16). Here, in Revelation 5, Heaven possesses a scroll that supernaturally has writing on both sides. The obvious conclusion is that God Himself also wrote this scroll. However, no one can read what is written because the scroll is sealed with seven seals. This scroll appears to represent hidden, impenetrable mysteries. The minds of the early Church possibly equated its seven seals with a person’s last will and testament, which was often sealed in the same way. They may have interpreted what John saw as being the last will and testament of God concerning His purposes.

7:16). As we have recognized, worship needs to be fueled by revelation. In order to teach them how to worship, God took the Israelites on a journey through the wilderness. The desert’s trials were deliberately designed to reveal God’s different characteristics to the Hebrews, so that they could then worship. At first, the strategy appeared to work. In delivering His people from Pharaoh and the Egyptian army—by miraculously bringing them through the Red Sea on dry land—God Heavenly Worship_070605_m 36 12-10-2005 9:27 Pagina 36 Heavenly Worship revealed Himself as a warrior and savior.

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