By Françoise Dastur

'It is a true pleasure to be guided by way of Francoise Dastur in a studying of Heidegger's "Being and Time", one of many maximum books of this century. With an excellent competence, rigorous research, and an exceptional readability of expression she first undertakes to reconstruct the very which means of the ontological query for which the research of temporality offers a initial answer...This is a transparent, thorough, and so much clever work' - Paul Ricoeur.

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Which is composed of two parts: A) the existential constitution of the There; B) the everyday Being of the There and the Falling of Dasein. Dasein is therefore its "there. that is. its disclosedness. on two levels: its primordial existential co�stitution and its everyday mode of Being. The first level includes the analysis of three existentialia. or three equiprimordially con­ stitutive ways of Dasein. insofar as Dasein is its disc/osedness: Disposition. · Understanding. and Discourse. The second level.

Which implies that all ontology operates unknowingly in the horizon of time even when it opposes Being and Becoming. as in the case of classical ontology. Now. in order to apprehend time as the domain within which all (pre-philosophical) understanding of Being as well all (philo­ sophical) interpretation of Being remain. "time needs to be explic(JIted primordi­ ally as the horizon for the understanding of Being. and in terms of temporality as the Being of Dasein. ). This explication would have been the topic of the unpublished third division.

Heidegger answers this implicit question by showing that Dasein. while ontically nearest to us. is nevertheless ontologically the farthest. For. if Dasein is indeed capable of understanding itself. it also has a tendency to mis­ understand itself as Dasein by understanding itself on the basis of entities that it is not, and with which it is constan tly involved; Dasein's understanding of the world is reRected (in the optical sense of the term) back onto Dasein's understanding of itself. However rich the various extant interpretations of Dasein may be-whether psychological.

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