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Книга Stuart Stuart Книги Вооружение Автор: R.Hunnicutt Формат: pdf Размер: 84,5 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:ч/б фотографии, чертежиПодробный рассказ о американском танкеМ5 «Stuart» «Стюарт»«Стюарт» серийно выпускался с марта 1941 по июнь 1944 года, неоднократно подвергаясь модернизациям по ходу выпуска. Всего было построено 23 685 танков этого типа, что сделало «Стюарт» самым многочисленным лёгким танком в истории мирового танкостроения

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Paladin has got particular reprint rights to this vintage (originally released through Leatherneck magazine), which was once the Marine bible of unarmed wrestle. Emphasizing the perform element of bayonet, knife and stick battling, this infrequent quantity additionally offers brief classes in unarmed wrestle and knife throwing.

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The Soviet Union's swept-wing fighter, controversially powered via a copied Rolls-Royce Nene jet engine, triggered a sensation and quite a lot of difficulties for its rivals whilst it used to be brought within the Korean struggle in 1950. This publication is compiled from a wealth of first-hand Russian assets and features a complete background of the layout and its provider.

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In the absence of further information relating to Iraq’s anti-crop BW programme the literature on plant pathology discussed above shows reasonably conclusively that disease in plants has been responsible for some calamitous crop failures with far reaching social and economic implications and that, in spite of advanced methods of control, damage caused by plant pathogens remains a considerable problem, particularly with regard to the production of crops of important international significance such as cereal, potato, tropical fruits and other cash crops.

Fungal plant pathogens remain the cause of frequent world-wide epidemics in plants in both advanced industrialised and developing countries resulting in huge annual losses. Currently, fungal diseases cause losses running into billions of dollars each year throughout the world, especially on cereals, vegetables and fruit. Bacteria The second infectious group are represented by bacteria. According to Agrios:18 Bacteria are simple micro-organisms. … About 1600 bacteria are known. About 80 species of bacteria … have been found to cause diseases in plants.

In time of war it could be grimly real in the military sense. An enemy has few explosives to surpass a pathogen that increases at the rate of 40% per day, compounded at every moment, and continues to increase for several months. Spores are as light as poison gas or smoke. There are 150 billion uredospores of the wheat stem rust fungus to the pound: 3 ¥ 1014 to the ton. Many types of spore disperse as easily as smoke. Many are The Study of Disease in Plants 27 tough and durable. They have only to be dispersed in the proper places at the proper times.

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